Digest 2014-06-25

Welcome to the Federated Wiki Hangout on June 26, 2014

Who's on, today?

  • David is calling in from Toronto, Canada
  • Ward from Portland, Oregon
  • Paul from Peterborough, UK

What's our agenda?
  • Conversation in federated wiki, and potential associations with Etherpad

1. What's been published as new?
  • HTML version
  • Video

2. Markup or editable?
  • Which markup? Markdown?
  • Some interest in Markdown
  • Should we stop blindly accepting all HTML, and support a subset?
  • An HTML sanitizer?

3. This weekend?
  • Indie webcamp

4.  Etherpad
  • David installed code at https://github.com/wshearn/etherpad-example on OpenShift.  Worked around some bugs in the installation.
  • We could have an Etherpad plugin that would add a 'launch' button to an ordinary paragrah.
    • Use the text to explain the charter for the pad
    • We could use the item id as the Etherpad name
      • but we go out of our way to preserve ids, this works agains us here
      • or we could bury a name in some other field of the item
  • Supporting web sockets?
    • On edit-by-edit, rather than key-by-key?
  • Could we have separate wikis, but then edits appear on my wiki and your wiki
  • Build at the core, not as a plugin?
    • But then would all servers support it?  Would prefer smaller servers?

5. Merge?
  • Just merge edits, and play back?
  • There's no merge function in fed wiki right now
    • How would be implement that?
    • Shift click newer to create a ghost page?

6.  Diff or scroll?
  • A diff page?
    • Have done this as part of a report, e.g. a Monday morning report that sends out e-mail server side
    • Locked scroll:  could work; could have colors
    • Have scroll as hover over the journal, but could also scroll if hover over elements
    • Hovering over an element that was just removed wouldn't move

7. Replay the history like a video?
  • Journal becomes a giant scroll bar
  • This is all client side
  • A ghost page that really isn't stored, but viewable

If it takes 5 edits to complete a page, going in and out
  • Hover over journal, can see all of the edits on the same page
  • If have a video, could see work in progress over a day or week
  • FAQ page gets edited every week, because the hangout URL changes
  • Toggle to appear or disappear?
  • Certify a page as done?  Came up as people who wanted to use fed wiki as a database, not have have misinformation, how to make the wiki trustworthy.  Call as done or approved

8. Would be nice if Mike Caulfield joined us.  Educational technologist, people using wiki in classrooms

9. Pages getting deep?
  • Use the back button, then click on page button
  • Use arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll left and right

10.  Operational transforms
  • Library at sharejs.org

11. Dragging from the Google Hangout Group chat page works.  Christian had posted

12. Here's a drag from the Chrome address bar
Wiki OpenShift Quickstart
  • David says would have expected the URL would have dropped here, but it looks like the page title actually dropped
Reduce Control Loops
  • Ward found the same thing
  • Copy and paste of URL works, though

13. Dragging the fed wiki flag into the Etherpad doesn't do anything

14. Michael Mehaffy is interested in putting in control loops
  • Method plugin? Refresh logic doesn't support this, yet
  • Have reduce plugin that concentrates page updates, reads computations off multiple pages:  a spike, simpler
  • Reduce plugin as a slider:  can you force numbers

15. In hangouts, haven't used a fed wiki, just notes after the fact
  • Have audio, not persistent
  • Etherpad, persistent, but can be confused
  • Federated wiki as a place where documents go, after they've been started in Etherpad
  • Google video used more as audio chat, end up looking at persona icons

16. Ward coding on weekend will work on control loops
  • Ruby version has fallen into disrepair, OpenID login
  • May go to Open Source Grid, get Ruby people interested
  • Simple local login?

17. Express 4 came out last month -- node version
  • Nick's work, was going to rewrite, but saw it's a lot of work
  • Could use some aggressive refactoring
  • Mongo skin, even if not using, pull out in to module
  • Security, also pull out into module

18. Security, an open issue
  • Paul will be working on server side, not client side or plugins (I think)

19. David won't be on call next, presenting in Las Vegas at systems engineering (INCOSE meeting)
  • Ward will host the call every week, 60% of the call is social anyway
  • David will give a trip report in two week