Digest 2014-09-10

Jack Park took these notes for us.

me 10:36 AM Silicon Vally Patterns Group wiki

Jeff Miller 10:36 AM Yes. They're on hiatus now; they had a good run, but went down a couple years ago.

me 10:37 AM sigh...

Jeff Miller 10:38 AM "Pools of Insight" - Joshua Kerievsky

me 10:39 AM webpage That is a debatgraph given over to pattern languages TM: wiki: gracefully specific Diachronic vs synchronic

Jeff Miller 10:41 AM Everyone uses the same billing code for "Hit by duck at opera" :)

me 10:43 AM TM: temporal semantics

Jeff Miller 10:45 AM Lost you, Ward? (no audio/video)

me 10:46 AM WC: fed wiki ability to define and converge on words, more like blogosphere rather than wiki

Jeff Miller 10:47 AM WC: While being robust against griefers and spammers.

me 10:47 AM TM: wiki as one end of some cognitive spectrum TM: all context rather than structure TM: other end is all structure TM: Health care gone to the structure extreme

Jeff Miller 10:48 AM Plus CPT codes behind paywalls!

me 10:48 AM TM: somewhere in middle where we need, but go to the other extreme first.

Jeff Miller 10:49 AM contextual dispatch

me 10:50 AM WC: second kind of link; ability to click a link and have javascript figure out where you want to go; browsing develops context WC: lots of opportunity for collisions; need to be robust in presence of name clashes

Jeff Miller 10:50 AM "Here's the content... but maybe you meant...?"

me 10:51 AM TM: opportunity to present innovative model (skunk works, pattern language)

Jeff Miller 10:52 AM TM: new tech officials in administration offer opportunity for new medical / public service worlds of information?

Tom Munnecke left group chat.

me 10:54 AM webpage

Jeff Miller 10:54 AM click

me 10:55 AM slideshare

Ward Cunningham 10:56 AM hapgood

Jeff Miller 10:58 AM aha hapgood "The biggest surprise is that no one really had trouble wrapping their head around the tool."

Ward Cunningham 11:04 AM wiki