Digest 2014-09-17

Jack Park took these notes for us.

Paul Rodwell joined group chat.

me 10:04 AM Gavin: huge frustration over need for federating information

Ward: many many copies; sustainable data wiki slides

Gavin Rogers 10:10 AM Jack: There is a need for a long-term data federation, in addition to the short-term federation concept

me 10:12 AM slides

Gavin Rogers 10:13 AM Jack: A concept map is like a mind map, but with labels on the links between objects

me 10:16 AM jackpark@topicquests.org

Ward Cunningham 10:18 AM Good morning Paul. Thanks for the recent release.

me 10:18 AM slides

Paul Rodwell 10:19 AM Hello Ward

Donald Plummer left group chat.

me 10:22 AM Gavin: relationships as multidimensional array (doubly-linked lists) Gavin: how to federate topics in federated wiki?

Gavin Rogers 10:27 AM Ward: Distributed systems in nature (genomes, folk music) have a natural force to cause order

me 10:27 AM

Ward: natural force to cause things to be similar: speciation (sp?); in fed wiki, imagine what it would be like with thousands of wikis; statistical events; happy accidents (related threads)

Ward: what could I build that has properties of natural system?

Ward: neighborhoods keeps dozen people around; could have dozens of neighborhood (transient) webpage

Ward: loose schema in fedwiki that can grow without centralized control (master ontology) website

Ward: storage of wiki data important -- ability to browse variety of information stores--mapping servers are one-way

Ward Cunningham 10:34 AM github issue

me 10:37 AM Is there a way to inject tags into FW in order to "locally" wire it?

Ward: being json, there is content expected to make it work, but can add more stuff as needed; Adding a json element to a page is part of the situation, but making an object which then holds the appropriate links for each tag is another.

Each time a tag is recognized, it must be processed. Tags on paragraphs, in the Engelbart parlance, are called "purple numbers"

Eugene Kim created PurpleWiki as a wiki which automatically adds purple numbers to paragraphs.

Gavin Rogers 10:45 AM

Ward: Render the metadata in useful ways, so that there is incentive to add useful metadata (tags) example: separating large datasets from their visualization, makes it more useful and satisfying (this is already a feature)

me 10:48 AM

Ward: should first save got to a local, then must be moved to larger store?

Ward: issue of writing over someone else's version. Can say "local" or "origin" to keep them separate. Ted Nelson talks in terms of a "Virtual Document" where the actual view is just links into stores of whatever is desired to see. Ward" serve needs of javascript; serve needs of longterm store; policy in middle for decisions.

Ward: need to understand issues of network failure (write somewhere else)

Ward Cunningham 10:57 AM wiki

me 10:58 AM Gavom" stm & ltm: project Discourse; clunky talk page doesn't protect from bad conversation: want to implement public neighborhood --concept of discussion (back to ltm vs stm) website

A conversational interface: webpage website

Ward: let's find intersection of FW and TQPortal

Ward Cunningham 11:05 AM wiki