Digest 2014-09-24

Welcome to the Federated Wiki Hangout for September 24, 2014

Who attended?

  • Ward Cunningham
  • Paul Rodwell
  • Jack Park
  • Tom Munnecke
  • David Bernstein
  • David Ing

The teaser for this week on Twitter was on new forms for Recent Changes

Paul stepped through some graphics on an experiment on narrative charts -- a timeline
  • Tom: A chart like blood pressure?  Not just a graph of blood pressure, but an evolutionary understanding where we dont' understand genes yet
  • Structure and content of an infromation object over time
  • Ward: Some data that hasn't been captured before
  • A way story lines are merging


Ward has done a drop at https://github.com/fedwiki/wiki-client/pull/55
  • Could see when someone is active
  • Getting away from ASCII, can see more information

Have a tool for creating event line
  • Did this for wikipedia data
  • Model wiki, creating mass changes, e.g. people who use wrong date format -- like RegEx, so people can do an edit in 5 or 10 seconds
  • http://c2.com/awb.html
  • There's a lot of people working on consistency issues in Wikipedia

David Ing reported on attending PLoP
  • Writer's workshop with the "social" focus led by Richard Gabriel including Takashi Iba with Japanese students

Immutable history on recent changes
  • Possible linkage to futures with undefined wiki words
  • How can we represent similarly with medical history?  Rather than structure first, look at flow over time and statefulness
  • Not everyone is interested in blood pressure, or conversations with your psychiatrist
  • Talking with Vista developers, looking at node.js
  • How hard to make their node.js to talk talk to the federated wiki protocols?
  • Ward:  projected historical wiki into federated wiki space
  • Hard, too much data to get onto smaller pages
  • Chopped up into topics, which was an improvement, but didn't get flows two ways
  • Have a word search capability that is fast, will subset the 36,000 historical pages with the word, so that when it shows up in the neighbourhood, would have extended with 700 pages from the original wiki
  • So, if wanted a federated wiki just on mumps, could have a quick job that extracts a federated wiki centered just on federated wiki
  • May be able to do something similar with Tiddly Wiki (which has forked a few times), they're trying to develop a way that multiple wikis could get federated
  • As an aside - it was TiddlyWiki's 10th Anniversary last week - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_02ZV0J9NY is a recording of a nearly 8 hr hangout that includes some presentations of how it is being used, and version 5 coming out of beta.

Jack has an intention of combining federated wiki with node.js, as TQ Portal
  • Will be open source
  • Federated wiki and Jack's platform are both JSON, so may be able to combine them

Client side code on federated wiki should know what it has to do, so the server side doesn't need to understand
  • Bootstrapping, how to start up? Could come off a CDN

If want to get a single person name into a federated wiki, what would it take?
  • On Vista, do a query, and then get a fed wiki from it?
  • A lot of data transformations needed

Natural navigation path through Vista that will be useful in some workflow
  • Natural navigation path could be projected into fed wiki
  • What's on the page? Pages of stuff that point to other pages of stuff isn't very sophisticated
  • But could have rich data items, e.g. the history of blood pressure, that could come up as a graph, and history of weight could be another graph that is annotated
  • In Vista, would have to understand the work flow as a graph
  • Figuring names spaces of pages, and then information types that show up on that page

Asking for more stateful information
  • Need an anticipatory function
  • Different people have different contexts to understood blood pressure
  • SURT, a stateful overlay to REST, have been doodling over 10 years
  • JISON, a language with a potential linguistic layer, then have a problem with a state container, where does the patient live?
  • e.g. if you get a tetanus shot, 10 years later need another one, where is the stateful container?

Language for patients, versus language for professionals
  • Don't need Vista to create just one gateway, could create many
  • On own site, don't have to make just one site
  • e.g. vaccination, project Vista as a repository
  • Someone assembling a neighbourhood, could involve many different views into Vista, and into many other views in other places
  • CORS -- Cross Origins Resource Sharing

How to help Jack connect fed wiki client side code to his server side code (in the same way that the discussion was about connecting to Vista server side)
  • Getting data sets and projecting them into fed wiki
  • Write a script, in Perl or Ruby or CoffeeScript,have it read thorugh source data
  • Build an in-memory data structure, and dump that out into wiki pages, just JSON
  • Read 60 entries, write 60 files
  • Batch translator is a good way to change things
  • May have a mindmap or concept map at its core
  • Traverse it, make a site with the pages, and put it int he right directory for a federated wiki ... and see if the traversal is good
  • After playing with it, might try an alternative traversal
  • Do it interactively

Instead of files, think of topics in a topic map
  • Map some topics into federated wiki

Simplify the programming, instead of working on interactive, just work on a program that dumps 100 topics

End up with programs, e.g. one that writes paragraph, one that writes images
  • Depends on whatever computer environment that is easiest to access the database
  • Jack uses node.js to link to elastic server
  • If look at Ward's repos on Github, can see some batch exporters
  • Usually do right timestamps

Paul is exercising looking at React, and Closure Script

As we get more people linking diverse pages, more challenges

Paul had written something around site maps
  • When the service starts, creates a site maps, and then updates as things need updating, rather than doing it every time (since it's I/O intensive)
  • Updated site map will be in the neighbourhood, creates some questions on how it will be presented in the UI


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video of my talk at the international symposium for the study of time

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