hangout 131204

Hangout notes from 4th December 2013.


Allen is being explained the Federation aspect. no neutral point of view. benefits of technology for healthcare.

Jeff joined back in after being off of independent work for a while. Seattle.

Unit testing of Wiki with specs. Unit tests are implemented in Ruby. Strange loops.

Personas of ideal Wiki users:


GitHub Issues imported into Wiki :


"Nice and readable for browsing."

Unit conversions :


a.pipe(b).pipe(a) < What does that mean? I didn't get it.

Ruby/Sinatra is no longer the reference implementation, as Node/Express/npm is far superior about plugins, etc. <> Node Rant via Yesod Tutorial

Appearantly we need a Node expert. Communication between plugins (on pages) as powerful as pipes would be lovely.

Wiki as a medium for Workflow. Interface for Coordinated Sharing and Workflow.

Daniel volunteers turning Wiki into a gem. Followed by discussions about packaging in general, also with Node.

"Smallest" has been dropped kind of, as it was getting complicated. Still KISS is a guideline (?).

Bits in the server code that seem to be abandoned have been commented by Paul system calls. system call json? > Plugin that lists installed Plugins for federation. front door for any server. seems useful to leave in. how to page, list of plugins, populated dynamically. and go into the federation what plugins are available.

The Federated notion then lends itself to an agglomeration process; architect in view of supporting a subsequent agglomeration is a tricky and important aspect to consider when designing Federation. Central organization is natural because its an effective way to reduce entropy; chaotic decentralization will always lose to the low entropy tree structure. To succeed with Federated decentralization also requires a low entropy tree structure; but without entrenching a root that is non-responsive to external reticulation.

npm node modules plugin installs are quite tricky (?). William works in a Node / Ember context.

Paul has almost all the wiki code in his mind. Getting the DB layer out of "core" should also be quite simple, as plugin experiments always turned out to be easy.



Following the thoughts from the federation quote led to Timeline of distributed Wikipedia proposals. Can be a source of philosophical thought.

Additionally : if the DB layer gets plugin'ified, will I be able to use git as a source and enable another kind of UI approach that supports forking? Or even something darcsish or campish?