hangout 140212

This is a personal transcript of the weekly Google Hangout of the Federated Wiki.

The initial topic is

Refactoring opens the door to more refactoring. Let's chat about refactoring wiki.


Christian, Paul, Ward, Jon


Ruby gem version is on its way due to the improvements of modularization in the Node version.

Recurrence of Ryans wiki:// internal links. Also leads to "wiki-flavoured MarkDown".

Progress of Pauls Refactoring:

Print CSS > hide the journal, link pages, etc.

Updating the plugins

CSS tricks are still in the beginnings > ideas about far remote and close ghost pages. parallax design.

Wiki Links : "Are you a wiki or not?" : for automatic federation.

i8ln > default-data

Ryan > '(r)evolutionary defaults'

wiki as a metaphore for social code

read/write:web > end-user programming

giving users possibilities to use the power of computers instead of controlling them

Ryan > individual writing style maintained

there's the ghost/parallax vizualization again +1 for more granular versioning more detailed diffs by line : user B commited two words to this paragraph, etc. active / passive paragraphs. locked sections. ? in the end all wiki clients are just UIs for the json.

better visual representation of authors and edit journal

permission or trust model? encryption, certification of authorship.

signing of journal states. paste a public key into the journal.

notaries by forking and signing.


WebID publish self signed certificate, FoA > RDF structure, public key

SSL client certificate

NDN fork : levelup repo+module

telehash transport mechanism (DHT), end-to-end-encrypted json udp protocol

rate of return t in the nominator or t in the denominator. projects for business or for basic research.

Per, friend of Robert Martin joins late.