hangout 140528

Regulars : Ward, Tom, Ryan, Paul

Guests : Scott, Kirill, David, Kyle(?)

Note: I'm always leaving out myself here for obvious reasons.


David is working on Pattern Language. What was the rationale in switching from Ruby to Node. His farm. Christian Alexander, 1968, on building architecture and the organization of people. Service system theory & language. Discussing the diffs of different pages/views and how to merge those, more a social than a technical question. Authorship/Domain name/Ownership = Attribution. His work

Ryan: Metalsmith: pluggable framework + WIK draft. DHT DNS via Telehash. Plugin Code to have unified URIs how to address different versions and plugins. NDN implementation of Data Fetching and Storing logic.

Ward: Words regarding different service providers. Patterns to recommend that scale. For institutions, urban designers, builders.

Jon: Together with the launch of can be the search for people generally interested in Federated Wiki and running a Fishbowl-Hangouts On Air session to gather the community that's right now still very scattered.